abrasive water-jet, pure water-jet
for titanium, for aluminum, for stainless steel, for steel, for copper, for fiberglass, for brass, for iron, for non-ferrous metals, for glass, for ceramics, for plastics, for stone, for composite materials
Product handled
sheet metal, for thin sheet metal, for thick sheet metal, tube, for metal pipes, profile, panel, for metal panels, for flexible PU foam blocks
Control type
numerical control
Associated function
for industrial applications, for the automotive industry, for aeronautical applications, for shipbuilding
Workpiece loading
manual loading
large-format, bridge, 3-axis, 5-axis
Other characteristics
high-precision, precision, high-performance, for steel construction, for large parts, rack-and-pinion, large capacity, for light materials, for intensive use
X travel

Max.: 4,500 mm (177 in)

Min.: 2,100 mm (83 in)

Y travel

Max.: 2,220 mm (87 in)

Min.: 1,100 mm (43 in)

Z travel

300 mm (12 in)

Overall width

3,800 mm, 4,800 mm, 5,750 mm (150 in)

Overall length

2,800 mm, 3,300 mm, 3,500 mm (110 in)


2,800 mm, 4,000 mm, 5,400 mm (110 in)


4,000 kg, 5,500 kg, 7,000 kg (8,818.49 lb)



Discover MECAJET the new range of water jet cutting equipment, designed by MECANUMERIC for very high pressure cutting of various materials:

* soft materials (cutting with pure water)
  o rubber
  o plastics
  o foam
  o leathers …

* hard materials (cutting with the addition of abrasives)
  o metal
  o ceramic
  o glass
  o stone
  o composite materials …

MECAJET incorporates the latest innovations: numerically controlled piloting system, new long-lasting pneumatic cutting heads, axis positioning control, 3 or 5 axis head, draft control, etc.
The cutting table consists of a mechanically welded chassis with integrated stainless steel tank with adjustable water level, a two-axis gantry with bellows, guided on both sides of the frame by a very high rack and pinion system precision supporting one (or two) cutting head (s).
The drive is provided by Brushless motors on the X, Y and Z axes. A double synchronized motor with positioning control by incremental encoder ensures the movements of the gantry.

The MECAJET range is available with many options: divider for working on tubes, electronic flatness monitoring, auxiliary drilling head, water softener, ballast system, emptied laser … Many pump configurations are also possible according to customer applications.