CO2 laser
for acrylics, for wood, for leather, for stone, for glass, for paper
Control type
Associated function
engraving, multi-function
for industrial applications
Other characteristics
high-precision, precision, CE
X travel

600 mm (24 in)

Y travel

400 mm (16 in)

Cutting speed

Min.: 0 mm/min (0 in/s)

Max.: 3,600 mm/min (2.362 in/s)

Laser power

40 W, 50 W, 60 W


Economic models bamboo wood Crafts model aircraft laser cutting machine
1. Applicable materials:organic glass, acrylic, PVC, leather, textile, cloth, rubber, plastic, wood, paper, stone and other non-metallic materials.
2. Applicable industry: It has been widely used in the fields of organic glass products, acrylic handicrafts, lens panels, wood products carvings, veneer cut flowers, advertising products, light box signs, crystal words, display stands, packing boxes, models, toys, furniture and other industries.
1. Sealed chassis design: PEDK-6040A adopted closed processing range, not only ensure that the whole body beautiful and practical ,but also guarantee the operation is safe and no pollution.
2. Simple operation: equipped with editing software research and development by Perfect laser , powerful and strong compatibility, support BMP, PLT, AL, DST, DXF and other file formats.
3. Optional items: optional electric lift work platform, up and down a wide range of adjustment, to meet the needs of different thickness of the object processing.
4. Light quality: the use of imported top lenses, less energy loss, high reflect rate, longer service life.
5. Cutting effect: equipped with the industry’s most advanced transmission system, automatically adjust the cutting speed, natural transition cutting point, reach the excellent cutting effect.
Technical Parameters:
Processing range:600*400(mm)
Engraving speed:0-30000mm/min
Cutting speed :0-3600 mm/min
Cutting thickness :0-10mm (depending on different materials)
Machine power: 300-450W