Machined material
for glass, for ceramics, for stone, for marble, for granite, for concrete
sheet, for flat parts, for floor, for strips, paver
Associated function
finishing, edge rounding
Other characteristics
automatic, precision, with fixed table
Working width

Max.: 3,500 mm (138 in)

Min.: 0 mm (0 in)


The e3500 is a single-head edge profile and polishing machine manufactured by ScandInvent. It is designed by Stone Fabricating Specialists for stone fabricators.

The e3500 is the most user friendly, easy-to-operate, low maintenance, state of the art edge profile and polisher on the market. It can be adapted by the operator to work on all stone, including granite, marble, engineered stone and sintered materials including Porcelain.

It profile and polish marble and engineered stone with a thickness from 10 mm up to 100 mm. Also, narrow pieces as small as 70 mm wide can be processed. The machine is a completely automated machine with fully automatic tool change, a simple to utilize touch screen panel ready programmed with all the standard profiles, and a powerful hydraulic spindle.

A real Benefit of the e3500 is the compact size. With other machines that have the material feed on and off the machine, you need 10 linear metres plus of space. With the e3500, the stone is stationery. Which means the machine length of 4 metres is all you need. The e3500 also is capable of polishing the ends of worktops, even ends of upstands, very difficult, even impossible to do on a belt machine.