for metal, for plastics, for leather, for marble, for natural stone, for rockwool, for composite materials
Product handled
sheet metal, tube, for metal panels, bar, sample
Control type
Associated function
polishing, grinding
Other characteristics


Model LDQ-450 Automatic specimen cutting machine is a kind of durable cutting machine specially designed with the consideration of specimen-preparing environment. It is the ideal choice of the large specimen-preparing machine because of its mighty function and large cutting room. This machine consists of control system, cutting system, lighting system, cooling system and cleaning system etc. Two automatic cutting tables are equipped in the spacious cutting chamber. The X-axis direction is mainly used for continue parallel cutting, and the Y-axis direction is mainly used for the cutting of huge work piece. Three cutting modes make the job of cutting large specimen very easy. All kinds of cutting parameters can be displayed on the large touch-type LCD screen in real time. It is easy to operate the friendly interface. The automatic cutting can reduce operator’s fatigue, improve the efficiency of specimen preparation and guarantee the consistency. The super cooling system avoids the damage of burning to the specimen when cutting. Imported gate type safety switch and explosion proof hood can provide the operator with safe guarantee.