diamond wire, multi-wire
for marble, for granite
Product handled
Other characteristics
high-performance, high-efficiency, with water cooling, economical, vertical, high-productivity
Overall width

5,450 mm, 7,600 mm (215 in)

Overall length

10,400 mm (409 in)


6,200 mm (244 in)


The new generation triangle solution

Robust and accurate multiwire machine
Paragon was designed to minimise vibration during the cutting phase and guarantee the maximum precision in wire positioning in order to minimise wastage of material.

The isosceles triangle construction geometry, combined with the one metre diameter rollers, make it possible to optimise efficiency of the wire in contact with the material or in the free sections, reducing while also guaranteeing very high traction. The system with 5 rotary units is composed of the tension wheels unit, 2 low guide wheels, the drive wheel and the idle wheels set.

The high performance of the machine has tangible results in terms of production, wire lifetime, and maintenance of cutting positions. Also, with the “adjustable guide wheels”, also with small blocks, you can always use the machine in the best conditions in terms of the tangential direction of sawing.

Wide range of models available

Wheel width from 1000 to 2100
Wire diameters ranging from 5.3 to 7.3 mm
Number of available wires: from 31 to 78

Cuttable block dimensions

Max. block length: 3.750 mm
Max. block width: 2.200 mm